Monday, September 26, 2011

Wallpaper Inspired Mood Board

I'm participating in Mood Board Monday hosted by Pewter+Sage.  For this challenge, we picked one of four wallpapers to design a room around. 

Before we go any further, let me just say that this is my first ever mood board.  I am not a designer.  In fact, I'm an attorney...pretty much the opposite side of the spectrum from design. As you might know, I just like to paint furniture in my spare time.  In no way does this qualify me to be dispensing design advice.  I'm just showing you what I like.  So, please be kind to me in your comments!

At first, I tried designing a living room around this wallpaper:
This proved way too difficult for my limited design skills.

So, here's the wallpaper I chose instead:

This paper is much more "me."  I typically gravitate towards geometric patterns.  I also liked this wallpaper because it provides a muted backdrop with subtle interest where the furniture and the art can really pop.

So, here it is:

1.  The art - I adore everything about this piece....the colors, the texture.  It was a great starting place.  I decided to pull the mustard yellow and blue from it.

2.  The cabinet - painting furniture is what I do, so I had to include a painted piece.  I also like the mix of modern and traditional elements in a room.

3.  Vase - pulling out that yellow.

4.  Metal Side Table - the darker color of this table anchors the room.

5.  Lamp - the sheen on this lamp is pretty.

6.  Rug - the geometric shapes echo the wallpaper.

7.  Sofa - I liked the classic shape.  The neutral backdrop is great for colorful pillows.

8.  Ikat pillows - I'm always a sucker for ikat and am loving the blue and yellow combo here.

9.  Rosette pillow - the circles echo the shape of the circles in the wallpaper.

10.  Devon Mirror - again, the circles.

11.  Blue side table - just a fun piece.  Plus, I don't like matchy-matchy side tables.

12.  Lamp - There's alot going on with the table, so the clear glass doesn't add more clutter.

13.  Chair - pretty yellow frame.

14.  Curtains


Unknown said...

Love this! Great combination of color and patterns. The dark blue is unexpected and the artwork really anchors it all! Thanks for joining up!

Cathy @ Room Rx

Sarah said...

This is beautiful, Suzy! You did such a great job! (I almost tried that Amy Butler green floral trellis wallpaper too but then got really intimidated.) I love the mustard and blue combo, totally would not have come up with that one. I have always loved that yellow rug from West Elm, I'm so glad you used it! And I'm a decorative throw pillow junky, those are perfect together:) I'm going to have to check out more of your painted furniture, I love that you included something personal like that in the room too. Thank you so much for taking the time to participate, I hope we see more of each other soon!

A room with a view said...

Wow..I love that you had the idea to use blue in the room, too. I love the side table and the artwork is magnificent.

Vonda said...

Look great! I love the blue side table.

Holly Gruszka said...

who are you kidding? You did a GREAT job Suzy! I love how you've imagined your board. I really love that the artwork that you chose brings it all together too. I knew there would be touches of blue in the room. It's really great - you should be proud.

Amber B (Simple Dwellings) said...

Wow- great job, Suzy! I really love it. I think the sofa, pillws and accessories work so well together. The art helps pull it all together- great job! :)

elizabeth@themustardceiling said...

Suzy, I think you did a fantastic job pulling it all together.

I love the idea of the neutral wallpaper paired with the soft, neutral drapes. I think the touches and blue and mustard work beautifully against the neutral backdrop.

Great job!

Jessie said...

Lovely room, Suzy! You did a great job! Love the sofa, the rug and the unexpected blue side table!

I will be linking mine too in a moment!

P/S: Come by and enter my giveaway for a chance to win a stylish book: Shoestring Chic by Kerrie Hess! Hurry, only 2 days left! :)

Have a wonderful week!