Sunday, October 14, 2012

Where I've Been

Hello my friends!!!  Wow, that was a long, but unintended blogging break.  Sometimes life gets so busy...but my life has been filled with "good" busy things that I wouldn't trade for the world (except maybe a little more blogging and exercise time!).

Fall is generally a busy time for my family.  I have two soccer players and a competitive gymnast, so that means we are travelling around the state to meets.  My oldest, the gymnast, and I took a trip to Colorado Springs where we visited the Olympic Training Center.  Our tour guide was a fencer living and training at the center.  Those athletes are dedicated!

We also got to see the Fierce Five perform.  It was so exciting being thisclose to Olympians Gabby Douglas, Jordyn Weber and the rest.  We even got autographs after the big show.

While on this girl's trip, we stopped into IKEA where I bought some things to make a mini-mudroom that I'll share with you later on this week.

The next weekend, I helped organize and attend a "Women's Camp" in Beaver Creek, Colorado that was sponsored by Girls on the Run.  If you're not familiar with Girls on the Run, it's an elementary school program that coaches girls to run a 5K race.  It also provides lessons on self-esteem and health.  It's a GREAT program for girls.  I'm going to be helping coach my school's group this spring.

Women's Camp was filled with motivational speakers, activities, delicious food, and of course, RUNNING in the gorgeous fall weather!

As you might remember, all of my girls transferred to a Catholic school this year.  The school is wonderful, although it is quite a drive from our home.  I've been spending lots of time in the car as well as volunteering at school.  I've been doing most of my blog reading on my phone while I have short breaks, which is not very conducive to commenting!  So, I apologize for being out of touch.

My middle daughter has been having a hard time transitioning to the new school and the tougher academic requirements.  So, I was so proud of her when she was chosen to read the Gospel in front of the entire school last week.  She did such a good job!

She has also been busy playing on her soccer team, which is undefeated this season with only one game to go.  GO FAIRIES!!!

My youngest never stops talking.  In fact, her voice is always hoarse from her constant stream of talking.  At least she makes up for the other two, who barely say anything!

She is also playing soccer.  It's so cute to watch the little girls.

I have jury duty on Monday (praying I don't get picked).  And then my parents are flying in from Minnesota to spend the week with us.  I'm so excited!!!

While these little girls keep me frazzled, stressed busy, I am so thankful for them and for their good health.  I am so grateful that we are able to do all of these busy, yet fun, things together!


Lisa @ Shine Your Light said...

Your girls are so, so cute, Suzy! How lucky they are to have you for a mom - you're so involved in their activities! So glad you have been "good" busy! That running club sounds fabulous…I need a coach to help me run a 5K! Looking forward to seeing what you do with your mini-mudroom. Enjoy your time with your parents in the meantime!

Unknown said...

Good to hear from you busy lady! Your girls are darling and look to be happy campers. How cool to see the fab 5 in CS, and such fun watching your soccer players blossom. Can't wait to see your Ikea finds.

Starr said...

Glad to hear from you!

Glad you put your kiddos in a school with high standards. May they rise to the occasion.

Cassie Bustamante said...

glad all is well! your girls are SO adorable!!!

Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

Your girls are so sweet!

Jessamie {Bird and Branch Redesign} said...

I almost sent you an email, just to check on ya! But it sounds like yall've been living life. Love it!

Maury @ Life on Mars said...

So cool that your gymnast got to meet such awesome role models!