Friday, August 26, 2011

Purchasing Power

I have been thinking about these metal barstools for the island in my kitchen.

They can be found at the Home Decorator's Collection.  (Has anyone else noticed that Home Decorator's has had some really cute things lately?  I hadn't seen the catalog in a few years and I was really impressed).  They would replace the clunky wood ones that I now have.

However, I have been thinking about money and how I spend it a lot lately.  This all stems from an email my husband got several weeks ago from his employer instructing him to stay home on a certain day and wait to receive a phone call telling him if he would be laid off or would keep his job.

Waiting for that phone call was sooooo stressful.  In the time leading up to the big call, I had a million thoughts going through my head.  Would I have to get a "real" job?  Would we have to move?  Could the kids continue to attend all of the activities they enjoy? Etc., etc.

Thankfully, he kept his job.  But this made me realize that his income is not stable and could be taken away almost immediately.  Sometimes decorating can be expensive and purchases can be frivolous.  I want to concentrate on living with what I have and adding small things (hello Craigslist!) that I can makeover myself and that are meaningful to my family and me.

So, as much as I love them, I probably will not be purchasing those bar stools.  Darn!  I can already tell that frugal living is not going to be easy!!!

Anyone have any frugal living tips? 


Carol-Anne said...

That's funny you mention this job insecurity thing...My husband works for a gov't agency and is always at risk of getting cut. It's made me always live with a certain amount of fear and I just hate it! I agree that it's better to be thoughtful about how we spend, though....

Holly Gruszka said...

For furniture purchases I always turn to second hand first. There are so many catalog items I'd love to have but I'd rather save money and appreciate another man's trash. My hubby's office may be moving so we're not sure what we're going to do or be in a year.

Unknown said...

Un-Extreme Couponing!!
Ive saved sooo much just couponing on my toiletry items for the home, It frees up ALOT of Money

Anonymous said...

So scary, Suzy! Decorating can be so time consuming and expensive. Wish we had the funds to do everything now, but I find budgeting and saving and do things slowly seems to be key since leaving my job to stay at home.

Suzanne said...

My husband is a teacher and we had similar concerns earlier this year. Fortunately for us, our house was on the market and sold.

Now when people ask "Did you move to a bigger house?" I say, "Smaller house, smaller mortgage!" and they totally get it! :)

A room with a view said...

We went through a layoff in 2008 with the wall street meltdown but fortunately my husband found a job within a couple of months. Nevertheless, it is prudent to always live within your means. I have always tried to do so and when it comes to decorating I am constantly looking to repurpose items I own already and it keeps things interesting, although it would not be easy to find items you own to use as bar stools perhaps visit garage sales, craigslist of course, flea mkts...maybe find single mismatched ones and paint them the same color?