Monday, December 26, 2011

Society 6 Art feels a little strange to write a post NOT about the holidays!  I found a new-to-me source for art called Society 6.  Artists apply to become a member of Society 6 and to sell their art through Society 6's website.  Thousands of artists around the world sell through Society 6.  This means that Society 6 has a huge range of art in all kinds of styles.  The artwork on the website can also be made into i-Phone covers, t-shirts, etc. 

There are literally thousands of prints, so it can be a bit time consuming to browse the site.  But once I found prints that I liked, the website showed me similar pieces and works by the same artist.

Here are a few that I liked:

I really like this ikat print as a phone cover.

Have you heard of Society 6 or ordered from them?

This was not a sponsored post.  I think Society 6 is a cool website and wanted to share it with you.  I'm also curious to know if I am the last person to know about Studio 6?


replacement kitchen doors said...

It is a nice art of work. It is an interesting name Society 6 Art. I like some designs and its really looks nice on t-shirts.

Holly said...

I agree with you on the non-holiday posts - I had had enough and was ready for everyday inspirations and thoughts to come back on the scene. Don't get me wrong, I love the holidays and everything about it, I was just ready to get back to everyday, you know? And I've never heard of Society to me and I will check it out.