Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Rocking Chair

Until recently, I've never loved garage sales.  I always thought they were just other people's junk.  I felt kind of uncomfortable and wierd sifting through someone else's stuff while they watched me.  This all changed when I discovered how fun it is to refinish furniture.  Now, I am obsessed with garage sales.  I am always on the hunt for a great find, for something that can be saved.  I still hate to bargain on price.

Big K on the other hand has always loved garage sales.  He is somewhat of a packrat, while I'm more of a minimalist, so garage sales are right up his alley.  Ha Ha!  As I've said before, he is amazing at bargaining on price too.  He hit up a neighbor's sale the other day and came home with this chair:

The neighbor said it was over 100 years old. I kind of doubt that! She also wanted $50 for it. Big K got it for $20.

Is this a good deal? Would you have bought it? What color should I paint it?

I'm linking this to a fun party called, Would you buy it Wednesdays? Where people weigh in on other's finds. Go check it out!


Anonymous said...

Love it! Yes, I would have bought it. Are you going to keep it or resell it? That would have a lot to do with how I would paint it :-)

Thanks for joining my party!

Zoe said...

I would have bought it- I don't know how I would paint it- probably with colors to match my guest room. Good find!
I hate haggling on prices too!

lauren @ West Furniture Revival said...

YES i would have bought it not for 50 but definately for the $20 cant wait to see what you do with it

Selina@CreativeJuicesDecor said...

Ah! you will have fun with that rocking chair! Thanks for stopping by my blog today :-)

Linda @ A La Carte said...

For $20 Yes I would have bought this. I would probably paint it a white and shabby chic it!

Jane said...

I agree with the others, I think it's a great purchase for $20.00. It will look like a brand new piece after you paint it. I look forward to seeing the new and improved chair when you finish it.

Luciane at said...

Oh, yes! I would!!!

I'm looking for a rocking chair. I'm expecting and this would be great.

The color? It depends of your interiors, but I'd love to see it painted in turquoise.

Have a Gorgeous day!


Luciane at

Madison said...

I think the chair is gorgeous. I would most definitely buy it. I do think $50 is rather steep but $20 sounds about right.

If it were mine I would use Chalk Paint in Old White and make a lovely soft seat cushion for it.

Madison xxx

J Thax said...

If I was as amazing as you at making furniture beautiful, then I would have bought it! I'm a big fan of the bright colors you have been doing, but I guess it depends on where it is going to go. I'm excited to see what you do!

Erin said...

Definitely would have bought this! I agree with another gal who commented...Old White chalk paint and then distressed to the nines! :) Great find!