Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What's in My Suitcase

Hooray, we made it home! The first flight was great. I had a feeling the second flight would not be so great when I saw that we would be flying in a prop plane. You know you live in a tiny town when the only way to get there is by propeller airplane. In case you haven't experienced the joys of prop flight, not only is the plane much louder and slower than a jet, but you get to feel each and every tiny bit of turbulence. Kind of like riding on a roller coaster. Generally, you can expect a wild ride, but I knew we were in for something extra-special as we sat in the waiting area next to the pilot and crew and I heard the pilot remark that this plane was "the worst" (exact words!).

Source: via Terry on Pinterest

We get on the plane in Phoenix, where it was 110 degrees, only to find out the air conditioning was not working. After about 15 minutes in the air, the pilot comes on and says they are about to try something unusual to cool the plane down - opening up a door (WHAT!) in the back of the plane to let the sweltering air out and cool air in. This meant the plane would lose air pressure and our ears could hurt for several minutes. YIKES!! Want to know the best part? It didn't even work AND K was left in excruciating ear pain that made her cry for the remainder of the flight. Around the same time, C got a weird look on her face and then promptly threw up. Poor thing was drenched in sweat and pale as a ghost. Finally, we arrived and stepped off the plane into 100 degree weather. Funny how 100 degrees felt nice and cool after the oven we had been cooking in for the previous two hours! SO GOOD TO BE HOME!

Anyways, one of the reasons I love reading blogs and watching some reality TV is that I'm kind of nosy, a peeping Tom, curious about how other people live. So, I thought some of you might have a creepy healthy amount of curiousity about others and might be a teensy, tiny bit interested in what was in my suitcase. Remember, I was gone for over two weeks.

Here's the bag I took:

Pretty normal, right? So, what's inside...lots of cute outfits and shoes? NOPE - just a giant-sized pillow from HomeGoods. I have take advantage of shopping when I get to the big city!

Oh, and look, here's some batting I had to get at Joanne's. My mom had a coupon that I couldn't let go to waste:

I couldn't be without my trusty old computer, along with some kid's goggles, a sweet note for daddy and a hand-beaded creation:

Doesn't everyone have one of these in their suitcase?

Yes, that is a toilet brush. C loves to help clean the bathrooms and asked me to buy this for her at IKEA. As long as she cleans the toilets, I'll buy her just about anything!

I used to be kind of a compulsive runner, so I don't go anywhere without my running shoes. I only used them a couple of times on this trip. Oops! Oh, and some handy-dandy magnets the kids made with Grandma:

Painted birdhouses. More craftiness with Grandma:

Can't leave without the IKEA dishtowels:

Here's what was in the carry-on bag. IKEA Ribba frames, fabric, and pompoms:
And, yes, there really was two-weeks of clothes shoved in there amongst all of that other stuff.

This is what we came home to:

This sweet guy and a real East Coast lobster/clam bake. YUM!


hollyG said...

Oh my goodness, you earned several badges for that plane ride. I'm anxious just reading your recap of that flight. A friend and I had to take a small plane from LA to Palm Springs about 10 years ago and I was scared to death (it was my first flying experience ever). Props to you! And looks like you came home with lots of goodies!!

Abby said...

Wow, Suzy! That plane ride sounds absolutely miserable. I'm glad you had a good trip in MN. One of these days we'll have to coordinate our visits : )

Abigail Schoorl said...

It's great to know you all got home safe and enjoyed your stay, even though you had to go through a tough flight. You've certainly got a lot going on inside your suitcase when you got home. They all proved useful, though, especially the pillow, toilet brush and running shoes. The goodies are cute, especially the painted birdhouses!