Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Camping Trip Recap

Blogs are such fun, pretty places to visit.  But, as we all know, our lives are not always as perfect as they may seem on the old bloggity blog.  Just in case you were starting to think I was a perfect camper after I posted my camping tips and tricks, I thought I would share how our camping trip really went.

Colorado is experiencing a severe drought and the lake in the state park we visited was a casualty of the drought.  Instead of a nice swimming beach to play and frolic the day away, the water level was so low, that all we were left with was a stinking, muddy mess.  OK, no big deal, we had other activities planned....like eating!
The tinfoil dinners and grilled corn were delicious.

Oh, eating...we forgot the taco beef and the marinated chicken breasts in the freezer.  Oops!  We also forgot stuff to make sandwiches.  Did I mention that we had to take two cars because we brought so much stuff with us???  How could I have brought so much stuff, yet forgot so many things? Good thing my kids like cookies and chips because we had plenty of those.

One thing that went 1000 times better than planned was our visit to Rifle Falls.  The falls were breathtaking.  It was fun to wade around and be sprayed by the mist because it was 100 degrees outside.  The falls are surrounded by caves that we explored. 

We decided to head back to our campsite for some lunch.  We were surprised by what we saw at our campsite.  The tent was wildly flapping in the wind.  Not only was it 100 degrees outside, there were gale-force winds as well.  Upon closer inspection, we realized that one of the tent's metal poles had snapped in the wind and broken through the fabric.  Not good.

My little tree hugger wanted to pose and get her picture taken with every tree.  I guess trees are kind of a novelty when you are born and raised in the desert.

At this point, we all decided that it might be a good idea to pack up and head home.  The combination of the heat and being blasted by a dusty, oven-hot wind had gotten to us all.  The idea of a clean cool shower and sleeping in our own beds won out over another night in the tent.

Even if things didn't go exactly as planned, we made some great memories and everyone had fun. 

Camping is fun...as long as it's only for one night!


Tiffany said...

Glad you had fun despite the lack of food, water, and shelter;)

Cathy Wall said...

Sounds like, despite the snafus, your family made the most of the adventure. That is certain to be imprinted in your girls' memories!

Jessamie Vincent said...

Difficulties or not, yall still made camping look fun...for one night, hahaha!

Hyphen Interiors said...

What breathtaking photos!! Gorgeous!! Despite any difficulties, looks like a least some fun!

Lisa at Shine Your Light said...

What great photos you got of your munchkins! You took them camping, CHECK! Made some fun summer memories, CHECK! It might not have gone right to plan, but still your kids will always remember that you went camping as a family! Thanks for keeping it real - coming home to a shower and your own bed sounds magical!