Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Dream Home: Aubrey from All Things Bright & Beautiful

Today we have the hilarious Aubrey from All Things Bright & Beautiful sharing her dream home.  Aubrey and I have bonded over our love of color and pattern, and our dislike of the mummy-toe Tom's (my apologies if you own a pair).  You can be always find lots of pretty pictures to inspire you over at All Things Bright and Beautiful.  Take it away Aubrey.....

Hey y'all! It's Aubrey from All Things Bright & Beautiful here to delight and entertain you!
Not really...because now I sound like a circus performer...moving on!
So I'm going to level with you.
My dream house is a cottage in an enchanted forrest. There. I said it.
Quaint and quiet, and since it's in an enchanted forrest, it cleans itself. Awesome right? (c:
But seeing as I haven't been able to actually *locate* an enchanted forrest and I'm a pretty "citified" kind of gal...let's go for the more realistic version of my "cottage", shall we?

Purdy, right?
So of course I need an awesome entry way.
Welcome to my pink door. Yeah, the hubby doesn't have a say in my dream house.
And then something awesome to welcome you, a real show stopper:
Then on to the living room:
Can you tell that I like color? It's all in the detailing, y'know? It has to be interesting and unique (c:
Then to the kitchen, the hub of the whole house...definitely going to be white, white, and um...more white (c: Again, the husband thinks he has a say in this, but he doesn't.
Shhh, don't tell him (c:
Good gosh every time I see these pendants, I think I die a little inside from major jealousy...
And why not add in a colorful breakfast nook for good measure?
Bedroom...again, eclectic, fun, color, personality...

Um no, I don't have ADD, why do you ask? (c: Well, maybe a little bit of design ADD..
Bathroom...I think I just must be drawn to white bathrooms and kitchens...
And I guess I'll let the kiddos live with me in my dream house...if they *have* to...(c:
Just kidding, of course, it wouldn't be complete without my favorite little peeps!
For the little man:
For the little princess:
Or maybe I'll be a really mean mom and make them share (c:
They are totally going to share a bathroom because I'm not cleaning more than one kid bathroom!
Oh my gosh, I almost stinkin' forgot the most important part: THE CLOSET!!!
And you can just fill that sucker right up with Louboutins...hey, it's a dream, right??? (c:
I think that should about do it for me...
Realistic, right?
Hope you all had fun playing along today, I'm pretty sure my greediness reached a whole new level with this one (c;
Thanks for having me, Suzy, it was a blast!


Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

those exteriors are so adorable and fairytale like! and i love the kitchens and bathrooms and that one bedroom with the blue french dresser is sooooo dreamy! great picks, aubrey!

Amanda Hill said...

So perfectly Aubrey! I adore it :)

Cam - Bibs and Baubles said...

I'm in love with white kitchens and bathrooms too. I'll take all of those. And the closet - OMG... I need it!

Karena said...

Aubrey you are an artist right!? At least a woman after my heart with all of the stunning color and patterns, great designs for your dream home!

Thanks Suzy!!

Art by Karena

I hope you come to enter my Giveaway from Interieurs!

Shelley said...

Um... Aubrey, can I come love with you in your dream house? And, since we're dreaming, can our feet be the same size so I can wear your shoes????

Drew {Coral Cafe} said...

What an amaaaazing cottage!! ;)
I am loving that kitchen and those copper and gold pendants right there with you!! aaaahhhh!
That entryway piece is making me go a little crazy too!
I might plan to live in an enchanted cottage myself!

Lisa - A Room with A View said...

Great, fun post and some beautiful pics - I love the kitchens and those bathrooms are amazing, too. Love the color, though. Closets are very important - by the way, Aubrey, do you have a lot of shoes? :)

Aubrey {All Things Bright and Beautiful} said...

Hehehe...I'm laughing at Lisa's question about shoes...the answer is YES, yes I do have a LOT of shoes (c: Thanks for letting me commandeer your blog for a day, Suzy, it was so much fun!