Friday, November 11, 2011

Guest Poster: Maury from A Fabuless Home

Hooray!  It's Friday and we have a guest poster.  I've only recently "met" Maury from A Fabuless Home and I've been so impressed to see how she and her husband have been renovating their home in a pretty, comfortable style.  I think you will really enjoy her before-and-after pictures!  You can also visit A Fabuless Home for more detail on all of the rooms.

Check out this shimmery powder room stencil.  I'm impressed by anyone who can rock at stencil like that!

Hi! I’m Maury from A Fabuless Home. Thanks so much to Suzy for letting me pop in today! I’ve just loved her blog and as soon as I knew she was looking for guests, I begged her to let me do it. She sweetly agreed and here I am!

For those of you who don’t know me (probably most of you), my husband and I recently moved in to a new-to-us-but-definitely-not-new home in SC. It started with an interesting mix of 80s and 90s décor and we’re trying to make it our own and hopefully bring it into this decade in the process.

I like to call my style Traditional Comfort… and we’ve been moving room-to-room making them our own.  We started with the center of the house, our Family Room and Kitchen. We painted or changed every surface in both rooms, except for the hardwoods in the family room. The biggest problem in the family room was the lack of light. We only have one window in the whole room, plus with the dark wood cabinets, the dark fireplace and the dark trim… there was a lot of dark going on.

At the same time, we tackled the kitchen. This used to be the view from the Family Room into the Kitchen:

Kitchen Before 4

Kitchen After 4

Over the summer, we also tackled the sunroom:

and the Powder Room:

We just finished up our Dining Room (for now) and revealed it last week:

Now you’re all caught up! We have so many rooms to go and plenty of projects to see, so be sure to visit me and follow along!

A Fabuless Home

On a side note, if you do visit and it doesn't say "A Fabuless Home", you’re probably in the right place! I’ll be changing my name very soon. I’ve been informed that “Fabuless” is trademarked. I thought I was all clever with that name and it turns out, not so much. So I’ll be renaming it soon (let me know if you have any ideas!)


A Vintage Vine said...

You have done so much on this house, the kitchen is perfect! Great post!

Holly said...

It must be such a great feeling to be able to put your personal touch on a house like that - they've done a great job.

Lisa @ Shine Your Light said...

Maury, you've done such a great job with your home! I love your bathroom - that is so pretty!

Bradford's Antiques said...

Your design is good use Antique dining room furniture for re-touching your dining room.....

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

maury has done such an awesome job in her home! i love it!

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