Thursday, June 16, 2011

Get This!

Spray paint has become my best friend. Whenever I want to change up my decor, I grab a can of spray paint and look for accessories to paint. Picture frames, candlesticks, and wall decor are always good candidates for spray paint.

I also like to use spray paint on furniture makeovers. Unfortunately, my sprayer-finger always gets really sore and covered in paint when I paint larger pieces. Until, I met this guy:

It's a spray paint nozzle that fits on any spray-paint can. I LOVE him. I found him at Walmart for only $2.50 packaged like this:

Best of all, my sprayer-finger is no longer covered in spray paint!!!

If you are a spray paint newbie, I would definitely recommend Rustoleum's Painter's Touch. It covers much better than other brands in my humble opinion.

Now, go out and spray paint something!


Lisa Davis said...

I definately agree on the Rustoleum. So far my favorite. I love finding "oops" paint though and unfortunately that isn't spray paint. Maybe I need to invest in a sprayer! :) And thanks for coming by my blog! I'm a new follower of yours now!!

Two Thirty Five Designs said...

Just read you comment where your posted on my blog about the red chairs (, thank you!!
Definitely agree with the rustoleum, it is ALL I use on my projects. ABout two years ago I started buying the more expensive can (6.99) because it has a trigger on it and it actually works like a sprayer.
Im heading over to Walmart to get this!!

elizabeth@themustardceiling said...

Ooh, just what I need! I hate it when I get a blister on my finger from pushing the button for too long.

Ita Maulani said...

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