Thursday, June 2, 2011

Wood and Rugs

As you know, we are getting new wood floors. They are either going to be handscraped maple or bamboo. Big difference, I know. I originally went with the maple. Then, once the maple was ordered and since I'm crazy, I decided I wanted the bamboo. Long story short, floor guy is "seeing what he can do." I really don't care what we get, I just want my nasty old carpet out! Five years with three kids and two large dogs has not been kind to the white-ish carpet. I won't even show you a pic of the carpet. It's way too embarassing and you might not like me anymore. Here's the maple we chose:

I don't have a pic of the bamboo. Here's what I would really love, chevron wood floors, maybe someday:

Gorgeous, right?

Now that we're getting the wood, I need a rug. I love the color blue and geometric patterns. But, I'm a little scared to go with a bold pattern. Here are some rugs that I like.

Here are a couple that are a little more WILD but I still like:

Some of these rugs are indoor/outdoor. Do you think they would be good in our family room? Would they be comfy for the kids to play on the floor?

So help me!!! Which one do you like best?? The rest of the room is a work in progress. I have an ugly sage-green couch that has to stay because it is kid-friendly and I don't want to buy anything new right now to get immediately ruined. I try to disguise its ugliness with cute throw pillows. I have white curtains with a blue band. I also have this white buffet and chevron chairs:

Friends, family, please leave a comment and help me decide. I would be forever grateful!


Barney Family said...

Suzy I have the same wood floors in my house. I love them. I love the bolder blue rugs.

Anonymous said...

Hard decision, but I like rug #4. I'm so excited for you that you are getting hard wood floors! BTW, I love your chevron chairs.

Aubrey {All Things Bright and Beautiful} said...

Seriously, how can you even *begin* to choose between all those fantastic options??? I can only narrow it down to 3,4, and 5...they are most certainly all drool worthy...that #4 is *quite* the looker (c:

Lisa @ Lisa Moves said...

They are all pretty! I like the faux bois.

Rugs said...

Hi,Suzy i loved your all the
rugs,but your blue rugs with geometric patterns really amazing.