Monday, June 13, 2011

I'm outta here!

I like my home to be somewhat organized and orderly. It doesn't have to be perfectly clean, I just can't stand clutter. It makes me anxious when my surroundings get too messy.

My anxiety level has been HIGH lately because I feel like I am in the middle of a million projects and none of them are completed. C's room is torn apart as we redo it. The garage is filled with furniture waiting to be sold or saved. To top it off, we noticed that the carpet on the wall in our bedroom next to the shower was damp. Big K tore up the carpet to see what was going on. Beautiful, huh?

Water was seeping out of the shower and through the wall into our room. YIKES!!!!

This led to us hiring someone to come tear out the shower. Look what loveliness we discovered beneath the floor:

The builder apparently did not do the shower correctly, leading to the floor becoming rotted away. Luckily Big K didn't crash through the rotten floor while taking a shower.

This unexpected renovation means that we are not installing the wood floors in our bedroom right now. All of our budget is going to fix this problem. We are still getting the floors in the living room. Hooray!!

On a positive note, I will be out of town with the kiddos for 2-weeks visiting my parents in the great state of Minnesota. I will have some posts for you, but not every day. Enjoy this last half of June and see you soon!

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Lisa @ Lisa Moves said...

oh, that's terrible. :( At least there is still money in the budget for the living room! Hope that's all fixed up soon.