Friday, May 20, 2011

The Gallery Wall

That sounds fancy, doesn't it? Well, if it is in my house it can't be too fancy! A gallery wall is just a bunch of pictures hung on the wall. It can have a common theme, such as the same color frames, same subject, same mats, etc. I'm sure you have seen these all over the blogosphere. Here are a couple that I like:

LOVE LOVE LOVE that coral color:


Matching white frames and mats:

Just lots of interesting stuff going on and not matchy-matchy:

Here's my gallery wall...nothing fancy:

I just chose pictures of people, places, and things that are important to me.

I wish you could have seen what was on this dark wall before. Alas, my big, ugly dark oil painting is now languishing in a consignment store waiting to be saved by some nice, new family. I think the light colors and special subjects really brighten up sad wall in my home.

More about art sources next's a hint: ETSY!

What do you think of gallery walls? Do you have one in your house? Would you put one in?


Rhiannon said...

I love it, especially as it's so personal to you. I did a post on ours but it has and will continue to be added to!

Annie said...

The silohuettes are my favies!

Red Door Home said...

I don't have a gallery wall in my house - yet! I have been thinking about adding one though. I love how you incorporated things which are important to you!

Lisa said...

I love gallery walls! They are a great way to incorporate smaller items you love. I love the silhouettes and the dog :-)