Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Double Digits!

Dear Kayla,

As I sit here writing this post, I'm reminded of where I was ten years ago.  Just like today, Colorado was also in a drought 10 years ago.  I was suffering through the heat 38 weeks pregnant and anxiously awaiting your arrival.

On July 10th, 2002, it rained for the first time in months.  July 10th, 2002 also brought your birth after ten hours of labor.  I remember holding you in my arms and just watching you all day (and night!).  You were such a miracle to Dad and I.  It's hard to believe that it was TEN years ago!

We are still amazed by you and what an awesome girl you are.  You are bright, kind, compassionate, a sweet big sister, a hard worker and you try your hardest at everything you do.

I'm so proud of you when you overcome your fears and try new things (like jumping off the high-dive, going in a bat cave, and swimming in the lake just to name a few things from this summer).  When I remember my shy, quiet little girl, I never would have imagined that you would become a state gymnastics champion, performing in front of judges and packed gyms.  I wish I had some of your courage!

No matter what you do, I will always love you and love being your mom!  Happy Tenth Birthday KK!

Love, MOM


Decor & Harmony said...

Super sweet post! Happy birthday to your baby girl!

Maury Kilgo said...

So sweet! Happy birthday to your little girl.

Jessamie Vincent said...

Happiest Birthday to your little 10 year old lovie-lou!

J Thax said...

10!!?!?! Oh my goodness, where does the time go? Happy Birthday Kayla!

Holly said...

Oh Suzy, what a nice tribute to your big girl. I bet you can't believe she's 10. I'm all filled up over here. Happy birthday to your pretty girl. Isn't it amazing you remember every single detail of their beautiful birthdays. I love thinking back to the day Sheila was born.

Lisa at Shine Your Light said...

Happy birthday Kayla!!! Happy happy happy next decade sweet girl.