Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Blogger in the Closet

Guess what...I'm not the only blogger in the family.  My husband is a closet blogger and now is the time to out him.

His blog is called Dumb Dumb Daddy-O.  It contains all kinds of tidbits about his dad, who called himself "Dumb Dumb Daddy-O."

There's dumb dumb daddy-o on the right.  My husband is the brand new baby and the other kids are his big brother and sisters.

His dad was anything but dumb.  In fact, he had quite an amazing life.  He was born into a poor Alabama family and was destined to become a country preacher.  At the age of 16, he decided that he wanted to do something different with his life.  So, he ran away from home and joined the Merchant Marines, where he rode banana boats up and down the Panama Canal.

He turned 18, old enough to join the Marines, just as World War II was ending.  After the war, he took advantage of the GI Bill to attend college at the University of Maryland where he was on their championship football team.  In his four years, the team only lost one game and won the Sugar Bowl.
That's his dad's watch from the Sugar Bowl.
After college, he went on to attend GW Law School and had a career as DC lobbyist.  He went from a poor Alabama boy to White House dinners.  Pretty amazing!

The 1970's in all of their fabulousness.  I'm lucky enough to be married to little #86.

My husband has a series of love letters that his dad wrote to his mom in college.  He shares some of these on his blog.  I love them!  It was such a different time when people would write letters like that to each other.  So much more romantic than a text or email.

Anyways, I know the hubs would love it if you stopped by his blog and said "hi."  He is so supportive of me in all of my crazy endeavors, that I want to return the favor to him.


Holly said...

I love this stuff. I love old stories about family members. My Mom has a ton of stuff from my grandparents that I used to love to go through as a young girl. I just might have to pull all that stuff out next time I'm up there. Might make for some good photos to frame up for our house. I can remember looking at the letters that my pop-pop wrote to my grandmom from the war - they'd be all cut and edited. Now I'm intrigued and going to check out your hubs blog.

Lisa - A Room with A View said...

So much history, and I love that there are pics and mementos..brings a tear to the eye..and he is creating his own memento (like writing a book) for your kids and anyone else in the family who will appreciate it as an is precious and priceless.