Friday, February 10, 2012

Feature Friday: Rooms Inspired by Aboriginal Art

My guest poster today is Mari from Arcadian Lighting.  When she told me she was doing a post based on interiors inspired by Aboriginal Art, I wasn't sure what to expect.   I am pleasantly surprised by the beautiful spaces she shares below. I like the global-inspired influence in these rooms.  Do you have a favorite? 

Hi, all! It's Mari here, a writer for Arcadian Lighting, the place for light fixtures and lighting trends online. I love my job because I get to search for images of great interior designs and decorating ideas to share with readers of blogs such as Saved by Suzy.

Today's guest post is inspired by aboriginal art, sometimes called Indigenous Australian art. Adding movement, color and life, these appealing works of art can be merged into many design styles. They look especially beautiful in sleek white spaces and take even the most stylish of contemporary rooms to a whole new level. Thanks for letting me share. Enjoy!
Aboriginal Art
This lovely room, designed by Australian interior designer Anna Spiro, is all about color. Bright pink and turquoise work beautifully with the exquisitely detailed aboriginal artwork.
Aboriginal Art
Sometimes black and white can make as strong a design statement as deep rich hues can. Such is the case in this modern dining space with lovely black and white wall art and hanging light fixtures.
Aboriginal Art
This eclectic dining room is brought to life by a lovely example of Australian aboriginal artwork. The white walls provide a perfect background to showcase this colorful piece, while these types of crystal chandeliers illuminate the room.
Aboriginal Art
Malene B's Signature carpet collection translates Indigenous Australian dot art is into carpet in luxurious wool and silk. Wouldn't this rug be marvelous in a modern living room or dining room?
Aboriginal Art
A stunning living space with its display of aboriginal art takes the breath away. One could envision spending years searching every last detail of these marvelous creations.
Aboriginal Art
Pale hues and a much more subdued color palette in the wall art create a retreat-like feel in this appealing bedroom design. Contemporary pendant lights are unexpected but work well with the more organic feel of the indigenous art.
Aboriginal Art
Doesn't the art look stunning against an upholstered wall in this comfortable den? What an inviting room to come home to!
Aboriginal Art
This framed aboriginal art purchased on a trip to Australia, is perfect over a family room fireplace because it merges beautifully with the rustic decorative accessories in the space. Images 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

What do you think of these gorgeous aboriginal works of art? Find more inspiration at Arcadian Lighting and browse a wonderful selection of lighting fixtures!


Lisa Scibilia said...

I'm with you, Suzy - I didn't know what to expect with "Aboriginal Art" - but wow!! I LOVE that black & white in the second photo!! Love it!

Tiffany said...

Beautiful pictures. I really like the wall of art and the eclectic dining room.

rachel @ Just a Touch of Gray said...

Oh wow, I really love some of those pieces! How neat!

Lisa - A Room with A View said...

Aboriginal art is so colorful but I do also like the black and white piece. I have some indigenous accessories - gifts and purchased on trips to Australia. I always love it when I see an eclectic vibe to a space...these would work well with Arcadian pieces.

Kathryn Ferguson Griffin said...

I didn't know what to expect. So pleasantly surprised. Thanks for sharing. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

mark paul said...

Great arts..Spending complete day in room with aboriginal arts is quite lovely .


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