Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Note on Commenting

I do some of my best thinking while running (hmmm, maybe I should run more often?).  This morning while running, I was thinking about blogging and comments.

Source: via Amy on Pinterest

When bloggers post things that make me feel an emotion, I generally comment.  It's easy to comment when somebody is sharing good news, such as opening a shop (Cassie), embarking on a new adventure (Holly), earning a degree (Jessamie), or completing a room or piece of furniture that is inspiring.  I am genuinely happy to see people reach their goals, succeed or try new things.

It's more difficult to know what to say when a blogger shares something sad, such as illness, death. or job loss.  I usually post something like "I'm so sorry," "Thinking of you," or "Sending prayers."  These always feel so trite and generic to me and I wish I had something more profound or meaningful to say, something that will truly share how I feel.

Sometimes I think it would be better to not post at all than to post something short and bland.  However, my thinking on this has changed.  I mentioned something to a fellow blogger and she replied that she would say a prayer for me.  This was not an earth shattering reply, but it made me feel like I could face whatever was coming and to have a more positive outlook. 

I guess the point of this post is that comments really DO matter and make a difference to a blogger.  Even if I don't know exactly what to say and the "right" way to say it, I think it's better to say something rather than nothing.

This post is definitely NOT meant to be a plea for more comments on my blog.  Just some random ramblings on how much I truly appreciate your comments and I know other bloggers feel the same way.  Happy Sunday!


Katie said...

I feel the same way! It's so hard to comment on things like that unless you've really connected with that particular blogger - I often find myself just not saying anything because it all sounds so trivial! Guess I'll have to rethink that!

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

i always try to comment when it is something sad or bad, because i feel like that is when people need to hear they are not alone the most. and thanks to all the people who comment, i feel like i can do anything. seriously, you all put so much faith in me that i think, YES, YES I CAN!!

Aubrey {All Things Bright and Beautiful} said...

You are so right on with this post...sometimes I think that if I don't have something super witty or sincere to say, that I shouldn't comment, but I really do appreciate every single one of the comments that people make on my just made me see commenting a little different (c:

Cathy Wall said...

So true Suzy...just like in every day life, always better to say something so the other person knows you "heard them," than to say nothing and run the risk of that person not feeling valued or validated.
Thanks for making us think...

Lisa @ Trapped In North Jersey said...

I think with bad news its best to say something, anything, even something trite, just to let that person know that they aren't alone, that people hear them.

fyi, remember how you gave me a versatile blogger award forever ago? I finally passed it on :-)

A Lifestyle Thing said...

What a sweet and thoughtful post. It opened my eyes to the small, kind and simple gestures in life. They do uplift.

Holly said...

You and I are on the same wavelength here my friend (and thanks so much for the mention that was so sweet - I love sharing my adventures and I don't think my adventures would be possible without embarking into blogging and taking risks), I digress. My thoughts were - I was just thinking today about how sometimes I just don't feel like I have a post in me so I don't post. But comments do mean the world - even when it's something not so positive. I haven't gotten as personal as I hoped I would, but I think that's okay and that my audience still appreciates the content that I still write each time. Getting personal is sometimes a struggle for me. Anyway, this was a long comment but I like your brain dump post!

amy of the salvage collection said...

i try to comment when i have something positive to say but lately i've recognized that i rarely comment on posts with a ton of comments! i also rarely comment on "big blogs" w/ a huge following b/c i feel...tiny? or lost in the crowd? i'll have to ponder that one further.

regardless, it's a great post so thanks for sharing!