Thursday, August 11, 2011

Missoni for Target

The good old chevron or zigzag pattern has provided lots of fodder for blogs.  We all love a good chevron dresser makeover, right?

The granddaddy of the zigzag is the Italian knitware designer Missoni.  Here are some of their clothes that are available at Saks.

As you can imagine, this clothing does not come cheap.  The pink ombre skirt alone is $3300.

Luckily for us chevron-lovers, Missoni has teamed up with my favorite store Target (or Tar-zhay, if you are feeling french and fancy) and will have a collection coming out September 13. 

The collection reportedly will have over 400 items, including lots of things for the home such as sheets and dinnerware.  Here's a little preview:

I love this blanket and really want to see what the reverse blue side looks like.

The tote above is super cute.
There are even items for your littlest fashionistas.

Here are a couple of things from the home collection.  I'm really curious about what else they might have.

I think these plates could look amazing in a plate wall display.

Someone who is good at sewing and a perfectionist, definitely not me, could knock off that ruffle pillow.  Given Target's prices, however, it might be cheaper to just snag their version.

I guess the zigzag is not over, seeing that it is now at one of America's largest and most-loved retailers.  On the other hand, maybe some high-style people would say it's over now that it has reached the mass market.

What say you?


Aubrey {All Things Bright and Beautiful} said...

Holy schizters, I might just be camping out for this one. No seriously...I'm going to be the crazy lady with a tent outside of Tar-jay on the 12th. And people better get out of my way! (c:

Kelly @ JAX does design said...

That's a whole lot of crazy & colourful chevron! Love the cups & plates and the cushions.

I think chevron is a classic pattern that will always be in style. Just look at chevron wood floors in old European homes and buildings that go back a hundred years and more. Still as beautiful and appealing today :-)

Jen said...

Hopefully our Target gets more than a few pieces! :)

hollyG said...

All I envision is a mass STAMPEDE on that launch date at Target's EVERYWHERE!! They know how to bring the people in that's for sure. I know I'll be checking it out in the store. Ok, and this is crazy but I have a few "favorite" Targets in our area - there are some that are bigger and better than others. HA!!

alanna rose said...

I saw this yesterday and just about died. I have the biggest crush on Missoni, it goes back to high school and camping out at the half year sales at Nieman Marcus. Anyway, they claim that the most expensive item will be $600, I am hoping, hoping, hoping that is a fabulous side chair.

Rachelle @ Adventures in Creating said...

I love it when Target teams up with designers and this is no exception!